Bobbi can help you:

  • Develop your communications strategy
    Communications means reaching people. A good strategy includes a comprehensive approach that can include door-to-door contact, an article in an influential newspaper, a punchy website or a lively Facebook page. Bobbi can help you identify your audiences and provide a roadmap to reach them. She writes and produces materials, including newsletters, fact sheets, Facebook and Twitter updates.

  • Shape and focus your message
    Bobbi’s combined background of journalism and grassroots organizing offers a unique perspective to help identify and simply state your message and create talking points to get your mission across to your audience.

  • Connect with reporters and editors to pitch and place stories
    You want your organization to be the go-to source for the quote that shows up in every news story related to your mission. Bobbi can help you construct and carry out your plan to build relationships with key reporters and craft campaigns that use steady, thoughtful outreach to build a presence in local media markets.

  • Create or improve your website and social media support
    Your on-line presence is where you present your case, show your face and shine. Bobbi can help you create websites that powerfully convey your organization’s message and values and link it to an overall on-line strategy that includes e-alerts, Facebook and Twitter. She can also work with production teams to tailor video to present your message.

  • Cultivate spokespersons and develop powerful personal narratives
    You want to develop people who can talk to the media or testify to policymakers. But what if they are camera-shy or get rattled speaking in front of groups? Bobbi works with spokespersons on message, breath and posture so they can feel prepared and confident. She helps them recognize the power of their own personal stories and develop the most succinct and authentic way to tell them.